Cultivating Kensington and Chelsea Small Grants Fund 2018

The 2018 grant scheme distributed a total of £3,200 to 13 community kitchen garden clubs in the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea.  There was a maximum award per club of £300 and each applicant was successful in being awarded some, if not all, of the grant.

CKC will be contacting some of the applicants, in the coming months, to find out how the grant has benefitted their club and you will be able to read the stories here.

Cultivating Kensington and Chelsea Small Grants 2017 Grant Funding

2017 was a very exciting year for CKC as it was our first full year in operation. We made Grants of up to £300 to seven kitchen garden clubs a total of £1,950. We asked each club to tell us about how the  CKC Grant had benefited their club and below are their stories.

2017 Grants

St Quintin’s Community Kitchen Garden Club

St Quintin’s Community Kitchen Garden Club received £300 from CKC as a grant as a contribution towards the cost of buying hot composters.
The club has 40+ plots shared by around 80 – 90 people and the club produces a large amount of green waste, which they wanted to turn into compost.

The Club held an Autumn Celebration day on Sunday 15th October 2017 when they used their the new hot composters.  Representatives from the Community Gardening team at RBKC gave a Composting Workshop followed by a barbeque and the Club sent their thanks to CKC for their grant.

Clement James Community Garden

A £300 grant was made to the ClementJames Community Garden.
Since February 2017, our Community Garden has continued to flourish. We invested in new equipment such as gardening gloves for adults and children, secateurs, trowels, kneeling pads, plant pots etc. We also bought a new outdoor storage unit so that equipment will be more easily accessible for the group.

We’ve had 5 sessions since February with 19 participants attending in total, including both adults and children. Sessions have been led by the gardeners at RBKC and it’s been great to continue building our partnership with them and they’ve taught the group a lot about gardening and given advice on how to grow their own plants and herbs. Participants have enjoyed learning how to plant seeds and how to look after the garden.

In April, as part of our ‘Wellbeing Week’, we did some recipe demonstrations and showed our clients how to make a simple salad using the leaves from the garden. They were then invited to pick some leaves for themselves and try the recipe at home.

We also had a harvest of green beans, potatoes, broccoli and salad leaves for the group to take home in August and herbs such as thyme, mint and rosemary have been popular throughout the year.

Henry Dickens

In 2017’s round of Grant Funding CKC awarded Henry Dickens Garden Club £300 for a wide range of improvements.  This included a new garden hose to replace the existing hose which had become broken.  They also created a new wildlife “wet area” in a part of the garden which never sees sunlight. The members buried some shallow basins in the ground and added rotted leaf compost and Ferns. The Club composts food waste in the garden in anaerobic digesters and they used part of the grant to buy a year’s supply of starter ‘bran’ and some large storage bins to keep it in.

And finally to help the members have a successful growing season and bring on seedlings for the year’s crops, they bought enriched compost for gardens and a ton of rotted horse manure, plus a few bags of potting compost.